Thursday, June 27, 2019


You smile and I tend to smile back 
Imagine me and you co-creating beyond expectation
Knowing the hesitation held deep within as trust has been compromised
I sit and reflect on the days my friends and I would witness active shootings and as bullets fly - the power dynamic debated
I would see friends turn to enemies as words and actions are misunderstood

So I smile…exercising every bit of caution I can exert…
You have taught me to pre- conceal my emotions and energy; to the point where only by the rush of my subconscious knowing peace – would I let you in

See many may say we walked the road together but I have long envisioned the day where you will bow to the resilience of my intellect
See understanding my will power would be a fallacy not known to many, for I use the courage and strength channelled through my spirit

As my spirit drives my inner being propelling my soul far beyond expression, emotion or even fear 
My spirit guides me to strive for perfection in the midst of this imperfect world, trying not to lose myself to the misconceptions of reality.
I see… I hear… I reflect, in the ways only I can truly show my resilience by dignifying myself Those around and connected to me and those who interpret my life as if they foresaw my destiny

Living in a world- connecting my energy to those who inspire, intrigue and ignite the neurons in my brain, stimulating my interests and acknowledging the diversity surrounding me

Distance separates us- not in literal terms however, I can elevate far beyond your aura
Leaving me to hover over the pettiness of your resentment

So I smile back knowing I’ve reached a level far beyond your grasp
A level set and determined by the maturity which lies within our conversation.

I smile….  I smile back at YOU…

By: Linda RM Baumann
26 June 2019 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

My Africa- Our Africa

A free Africa we strive for
An Africa bold in demonstrating democracy; fighting for economic emancipation.
A peaceful and prosperous Africa we strive for
An Africa which is able to embrace its diversity fully
An Africa which does not judge on the base of Race, Tribe, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Culture, Disability or Wellbeing.
We deserve an Africa that embraces her people, cultures and diversity while affording all equal Human Rights.
NDWA celebrates the lives of all African Women, Girls and Gender Variant Persons within and in the Diaspora.
We are African!

By: LindaRM Baumann
25 May 2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Reflecting and Realising

At times I forget about myself, not intentionally but at times life becomes my occupation - consuming most of my “me time”.
The cause is to big to set side at times…
Creating opportunities for those I believe in motivates and drives my inner soul, misunderstood and maybe even misrepresented by ghouls.
I remain on the battlefield because it seems my war is far from over. So at times I forget about myself as I fight for those no one cares to consider. Working tirelessly to see us do right by those we believe in. 
It becomes selfish of me to walk away and breathe for myself but by living this occupation I’ve learned that by knowing my inner self and knowing my own demons – it requires me to take time and remember where I was and where I am headed because my passion fuels me- setting a fire so strong it will burn forever.
Who am I? you ask – “Only I know my Truth”
By: Linda RM Baumann
29 March 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Magano Baumann's LOVE

When I connect deep then it means something

When it grows into LOVE and I say I love you & you CHOOSE to mess with MY LOVE

Then surely its HARD for me to allow you know & or feel any  form of affection from my side as YOU would need break down MY WALLS of TRUST. 

By: Linda RM Baumann
21 February 2019

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Namibian Women- Where Are They?

Where Are They?

I need to know their names
Those women I would have walked with 

Tall and with their heads held high, the way wild flowers grow in groups 

I need to know their story, those sweating women whom I would have joined to fight for the freedom of their communities.

I wonder what would we have called each other laughing... joking about how patriarchy is a nightmare only haunting us in our minds 

My teams, my mislaid sisters? All the women who could have known me, where in the world are their names? 

Heroes, Giants for women kind where are they, do they still exist...

By: Linda RM Baumann
16 February 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019


As Namibians we should learn to stop being hypocritical in our actions. Our interactions, struggles and realities carries commonalities with of cause unique experiences. 
We are all care taker and leaders in our own capacities thus denouncing / character assassination of others based on a lack of context and lack of direct dialogue clearly indicates a lack of consciousness to shaping and framing a cognitive engagement that would assist a national collective as we all carry our autonomous mandates.
In all our settings its imperative to note that agreeing to disagree is fundamental as that is the strength within agency and diversity. 
I speak from a narrative of a journey I have co-crafted as every action we advance is for a broader agenda and today I endure consistent violations from institutions’ and individuals who ought to protect me and the people we serve. 
It seems that if you do not agree to their autocratic and territorial aspirations then ones level of commitment and investment becomes a piggy bag filled with ammunition to denounce you as non are able to level the understanding that leadership is not given and if a level of consciousness is not there, then surely such acts of micro managing people capacity of thinking, dreaming and association is limited. 
There has been a trend over the couple of years by organised individuals and entities to mark out my presence though I have not been phased as I am consciously remaining in my lane as non could uplift and or live up to the principles of justice in order validate their position towards me. “I am still waiting”…
These individuals has made me realise that my lack of interest in their propaganda and their lack of growth into dialogue manifests that my distance triggers their wellbeing, my growth in development creates animosity and that they continue to fail to understand as surely the discourse is for all. 
These forces don't realise that in no way shall I again succumb to their bully tactics and distortion in decontextualising our realities. 
They believe you need to subscribe to affirm their insecurities over others and thus continue to manipulate and discredit others work as eve they don’t also have a lot to contribute. 
As a young black woman, proudly living in the township of Katutura – I carry great wisdom as I have seen, learned and realized that in order to grow and become a better person- is to silently slip out of spaces that carries energies that blurs one’s vision because the discourse is always left behind as the characters and personalities of others who strive to shift grounds in their own settings become a great threat as they have become territorial. 
Today I stand firm on my word of inviting these forces again to the table- for them to be honest with themselves and the movements we serve..
For them to confront me if need be so we reflect on the truthful experiences and realities that that they claim against me.
As a progressive intituitive person who carries vast experience in amplifying diversity and inter actions surely I should not be difficult to reach as I am just 10 digits away which they all surely have.
So if these forces can grow the inner strength to sit me down then surely I have the time to leisure on their ideological head spaces... 
Otherwise do not utilise spaces and persons to block my wellbeing and progress shashi aame Magano and if ya'll know the meaning of my name then surely the manifestation of it is that in no way will I ever waiver to stop with what I believe is the right thing to do. 
I am sick and tired , my silence out your spaces and energies have had magnificent growth as I am protecting my innocence from the distortions echoed. 
My principles and values I shall never compromise just to belong as that is a clear violations in what I believe. 
So I again extend an invitation to unpack their reservations towards me as Linda RM Baumann...

Monday, December 17, 2018


I have learned a lot through the experiences I had with you...
Engaged in an unwilling battle with people who dont realise I am not fighting back

Growing passion for that which makes my blood pump- my purpose, my truth- sending shock waves of drive and determination through my entire body

Saddened by seeing that which I helped build be degraded and sidelined, all because the bigger picture has become a political spew of who's right and carries entitlement

I have humbled myself in ways I know reflect who I am and what I am working for.
I rejoice in knowing that I exert impact not only in others lives but my own as well...

With every goal achieved and milestone reached in educating communities - I become more disciplined in my personal life - appreciating those around me- operating from my heart, guided by my knowledge...

So I wish them well on the battle field as I walk off -
This is not my fight and it never was!

You and me having a stable playground to inhabit has and will be what I dedicate my lifetime to.

As I bow out and carve a new path - I turn and smile knowing that I have grown 10 feet taller...

By: Linda RM Baumann
16 December 2018


You smile and I tend to smile back  Imagine me and you co-creating beyond expectation Knowing the hesitation held deep within as trus...